Kosher Diners Can Now Partake in Poke Trend | The Jewish Week | Food & Wine

Kosher Diners Can Now Partake in Poke Trend

Kosher Diners Can Now Partake in Poke Trend

Custom Poke Bowl. Courtesy Koshe Poke

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Kosher New Yorkers can finally get in on the poke craze thanks to Koshe Poke, a new venture housed in Midtown’s Eden Wok restaurant.

Poke, for those not in the know, is a Hawaiian dish that can be understood as something akin to deconstructed sushi. Koshe Poke is the first kosher poke establishment in New York, jumping on Jews’ known ardor for the Japanese food. 

At Koshe Poke, customers have the opportunity to choose a base (rice bowl, burrito, or salad), a protein (raw or cooked fish, tofu, or egg), and then various sauces and toppings, for $13. 

The poke (pronounced poe-kay) trend has been coming east and non-kosher poke joints have popped up around Manhattan. Eden Wok, a casual Chinese eatery frequented by Stern College students and office workers alike, already offers sushi in addition to favorites like General Tso's Chicken and Pepper Steak.

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