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Meet the Kosher Bagel Man With Celiacs

Meet the Kosher Bagel Man With Celiacs
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The New York Post tells the story of bagel man Danny Gejerman, owner of kosher bagel shop Bagel Boss, who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. 

Gejerman, who lives in Holliswood, Queens, has owned Bagel Boss, which is located at First Avenue and 15th street, for eight years. He was diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago. 

The son of a Jewish grocer, Gejerman told The Post how he "grew up on bagels and challah," and "hadn't heard of anyone in his family not being able to eat gluten."

Gejerman hasn't let his medical condition keep him from baking foods forbidden to him. His shop's website boasts 13 types of bagels and eight kinds of flagels (flat bagels), not to mention a variety of cookies, muffins, and other baked goods. He wears special gloves at work, follows strict rules for avoiding contamination, and even began selling gluten free bagels and pizza last year. 

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