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This Podcast Will Make You Think About The Meat You Eat

This Podcast Will Make You Think About The Meat You Eat
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In the most recent episode of The Kibbitz, host Dan Crane delves into issues relating to kosher slaughter. Crane, who is a meat eater but doesn't keep kosher himself, wonders at the beginning of the show if it is more humane. Should consumers feel better about choosing kosher meat over non-kosher? What is the process behind producing kosher meat? 

During the course of the podcast, Crane tours Teva Foods, an independent Glatt kosher slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, speaks with Yadidya Greenberg of the Jewish Initiative for Animals, and with Devora Kimelman-Block of Kol Foods. 

The podcast begins at Teva Foods, where Crane learns about the Jewish laws behind kosher slaughter. He walks us through the Temple Grandin-designed plant, meets the rabbis in charge of overseeing the factory, ritually slaughtering the animals, and checking the animals' lungs. Though we don't hear animals in the podcast, Crane seems overwhelmed at points by what he is seeing, and seems to be at a loss for words. 

After learning about ritual slaughter on a practical level, the remainder of the podcast explores the possibility of eating ethically raised animals. Crane interviews Greenberg of JIFA about the advocacy work his organization does, proposing the question, what does a kosher stamp really mean? Does the treatment of animals factor into it? Kimelman-Block of Kol Foods, which sells meat from humanely raised, grass fed animals, discussed her company's ethos. 

"Animals" is the ninth episode of The Kibitz, Reboot's "Jew/ish" monthly podcast series on Jewish traditions. Episode 6 (Nosh part 1) delved into kosher laws with comedian Moshe Kasher and his brother Rabbi David Kasher and Episode 7 (Nosh part 2) was all about Jewish delis. 

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