Celeb Chef Meir Adoni to Open NYC Spot | The Jewish Week | Food & Wine

Celeb Chef Meir Adoni to Open NYC Spot

Celeb Chef Meir Adoni to Open NYC Spot

Adoni hangs a mezuzah at the site of his Manhattan restaurant. Via facebook.com

Adoni, A Successful Chef in Israel, To Serve High-End, Modern, Middle Eastern Food

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Attention all Israeli-food-craving foodies. Superstar Israeli chef Meir Adoni has announced that he will open a restaurant in New York. 

The chef behind Israel's Mizlala, Catit, Blue Sky, and Lumina, is partnering with Gadi Peleg, the managing partner of Breads Bakery, to open the as yet unnamed establishment. The eatery will feature modern Israeli cuisine and will not be kosher according to Adoni's team. It will be located on East 20th Street in the Flatiron District, and is set to open in September. 

"The food will draw from the rich and flavorful cuisine of the Middle-East and will have a modern, bold and playful take on the dishes of the region, including street food that will be elevated to fine dining and some nods to Israeli and Jewish cuisine, of course," said Danielle Praport, Adoni's public relations agent. 

Israeli cuisine is enjoying a moment of popularity here in New York. Adoni and Peleg's new place will join a host of casual high-end, non-kosher restaurants such as Balaboosta, Bustan, Timna, Miriam, and 12 Chairs.

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