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A Taste Of Williamsburg

A Taste Of Williamsburg

Tour guide Frieda Vizel leading a foodie group. Courtesy of Frieda Vizel

Honey cookies and more, on holiday walking tour.

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Need a holiday outing? Share a walking tour of chasidic Williamsburg that begins with an overview of chasidic history — and a taste of honey cookies that are a Rosh HaShanah specialty. 

Frieda Vizel, who grew up in the Satmar chasidic community of Kiryas Joel and left that world, leads groups through the neighborhood, pointing out shops, religious institutions and historical sites and ending in Gottlieb’s Restaurant, an old-style deli, for kugel and conversation. 

Regarding her tour on the day before Rosh HaShanah, the licensed tour guide, writer and cartoonist says, “I hope to see a lot of the holiday spirit,” noting that people will be rushing around in anticipation of the holiday. On her tours, she instructs participants about the holiday, and also its relation to the year. The walk is about a one-mile loop (and she also arranges private groups). She usually shares a recipe for making challah (in traditional large quantities) and for Rosh HaShanah, she’ll also hand out her recipe for honey cookies. 

$50 per person, includes food tastings. Sept 13 at 11 a.m. (pre-Rosh HaShanah); Sept 18 at noon (pre-Sukkot). Visit hasidim.com for additional tour dates and registration information.

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