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What Wine, With Diamonds?

What Wine, With Diamonds?

Tastes better than it looks. Via wikipedia.org

The kosher Elvi Herenza Rioja Reserva 2009 has firm tannins and dark plum notes.

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One of us has lately had a hankering for truffles. Known as the “diamonds of the kitchen,” truffles are among a chef’s most prized ingredients. The fruiting body of a type of fungus that grows underground in very specific conditions, truffles impart an intensely pungent flavor to food that is most often described as slightly garlicky, musky and earthy. They are extremely expensive costing several hundreds of dollars per ounce. In 2010, a 2½ pound white truffle sold for $417,200.

White truffles are famously found in Italy's Piedmont; the black ones, which are less expensive, in France's Périgord region.

But those are not the globe's only truffle sources: hunters can also find them in China, Oregon and, yes, Israel, where the Desert truffle is harvested during the spring by Bedouin. In the upper Galilee scientists are attempting to cultivate both the desert and black varieties to make Israel another source of these rare delicacies. 

What wine to pair with such delicacies? Burgundy and Barolo are typical choices, but we like a nice Spanish red. The kosher Elvi Herenza Rioja Reserva 2009 ($67; non-mevushal) is a serious but elegant wine with expressive earthy aromas and flavors intermingled with dark plum, red cherry, licorice and herb notes with firm tannins and a vanilla accented finish.

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