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En Rose, At Breads Bakery


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En Rose, At Breads Bakery

A selection of pink wines, at Breads. Sadie Flateman/JW

Between red and white, and perfect for babka.

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When Gadi Peleg encountered Lehamim bakery in Tel Aviv, his gut told him that New York needed one as well. Located at a foodie crossroads just off Union Square, Breads Bakery has been on the buzz map for just over two years, thanks to their babka.

Breads’ Chef and Master Baker Uri Sheft grew up in Israel and Denmark and his recipes are influenced by both Jewish and Scandinavian traditions. The babka at Breads has inspired much affection (see #Babkalove), and over 350 glowing Yelp! reviews (which they actually reply to in an impeccable manner).Seriouseats.com calls Breads Bakery Babka the “New Classic” in The Best Chocolate Babka in NYC, 2015 Edition.

Yet it is the atmosphere at Breads that also sets them a cut above the rest. Customers at breads are welcomed by friendly employees and the good vibes do not stop there. The food is always fresh and healthy: a coup for carbsEverything is made on site daily and most of the breads are loaded with nutritious seeds and whole grains. Check out their staple North Sea Rye bread, made with just enough flour to hold all those grains together. 

While Breads may have risen to fame for their babka, their savory side is well worth biting into: Soups (excellent gazpacho), salads (like beet & lentil with Feta), and spreads (guacamole and humus) made from the freshest ingredients. Cheese straws and parmesan cookies are popular snacks as well as bite sized sandwiches, all of which can be ordered for catering: All fool proof for a summer picnic spread.

And the best beverage for summer soirees: Rose. When it came to evaluating the current release of Israeli Roses, there was no contest of who to turn to other the taste making team of Israeli-expat-foodies at Breads. 

After tasting blind, we paired with the savory foods from Breads Bakery -an outstanding match. Here are the top four Israeli Roses:

Domaine Du Castel Rose Du Castel 2014, Judean Hills ($31.)

(Merlot, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc)

Pale salmon color with clean aromas of peaches and red berries. There is also an herbal note. The palate is dry and leaves impressions of freshness from well-balanced acidity. Fine structure with plenty of lift and brightness. Its pale color was a drawback for one taster who found it visually unimpressive, yet by overall it came in as the top pick, which was surprising and re-assuring considering that Castel Rose is known to be the most widely regarded and sought out Israeli rose by aficionados. Castel is regarded as the first high quality boutique winery of Israel since the mid 1990’s.

Flam Rose 2014, Judean Hills ($34.)

Cabernet Franc 

Gadi describes as “Nice, pinkish, beautiful”. This wine is aromatic and almost neon bright. It makes a big impression. It brings joy to the senses before even tasting. Watermelon, red cherries. This wine conjoured the mood for fun. Full bodied, round with good acidity.

Recanati Rose 2014, Upper Galilee ($15.)

Barbera and Merlot

Raspberry, herbs, lilac and citrus. Good color. Reminds Uri of Petel, Israeli coolaid. Fruity, simple, 

Ein Teina Rose 2013, Golan Heights ($19.)

Predominantly Grenache with Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Gewurztraminer, Alicante, Viognier, Muscat, and Petit Verdot. Stainless steel fermentation. 

A muted salmon color. Restrained aroma, sense of darker red fruits and some tannin. A full bodied rose that drinks like a red. We all agreed that it was more of a gastronomic wine that would come alive with food, which it did. Great with their beet and lentil salad and parmesan cookies.

What’s next for Breads Bakery? This summer you can find a Breads outpost in Bryant Park. Catering available at breadsbakery.com. A Lincoln Center location is due to open Fall 2015. And we're crossing our fingers for a wine bar.


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